• St. John the Evangelist and St. Prohorus

    Saints John the Evangelist and Prohorus are depicted sitting against the background of the landscape of Patmos island.
  • Apostle John the Evangelist and St. Prochorus on the island of Patmos with missionary journey of John the Evangelist

    The apostle is represented full-length, in a three-quarter turn, his hands raised in prayer. He is praying to Christ Whose half-figure is shown in the upper right corner of the centerpiece in the quadrant. To the right of St. John is depicted St. Prochorus in the cavern sitting on the stone and writing down the Gospel text to the apostle’s dictation. The icon has twenty border-scenes illustrating the Christian testimony of the apostle in Ephesus and on the island of Patmos.
  • John the Theologian on Pathmos

    The Apostle is shown sitting in a three-quarter turn, with a Gospel book in hands. To his left, in a cave, is Prochorous writing from the apostle’s dictation. Between them is an eagle symbolizing the Evangelist. In the upper right corner is the Epiphany scene.