Christ in Majesty

Iconography:  Christ in Majesty

Date: XV century. Late 15th – beginning of the 16th century

Origin: From the church of Intercession of Our Lady in the village Pokrovskoye in Dolgiye Slobody, Cherepovetsky district (now – Sheksninsky district). The temple was made of wood and built on the funds of the church people in 1671 on the sight of the older church. In 1865 it was pulled down because it had fallen into decay and the icons were transferred into the church of St. Alexander Nevski located nearby. In 1897 the church of Intercession was built of stone. The ancient icons were left in the old temple and it was not until 1930 that they were transferred into the Museum of Cherepovets.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 87 cm, width 69 cm

Christ Pantocrator is depicted enthroned surrounded by the heavenly host. His right hand is blessing, His left hand holds the open Gospel book. Figure of the Savior is painted inside the glorious halo looking like a rhombus, an oval and a quadrangle put on each other. In the corners of the quadrangle are represented the depictions of the four apocalyptic beasts - the angel, the lion, the calf and the eagle symbolizing the four evangelists.

Restoration: МежСНРПМ, 1991, restorer – Mitrophanov V.A.

Inv. №508/3. © Cherepovets Museum Association.

Bibliography: Куликова О.В. Древние лики Русского Севера. Из музейного собрания икон XIV-XIX веков города Череповца. М., 2009. Кат. № 4.  

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