• Blasius and Modestus, Sts.

    The figures of the saints are depicted full-length. They are looking up at the Saviour.
  • Modest, Kirykos and Julitta, Sts.

    The icon shows large full-length depictions of St. Modest and St. Julitta Between them is the small figure of Julitta’s son – St. Kirykos holding a cross in his hands and facing Christ Pantocrator represented in the quadrant in the upper part of the icon.
  • Modest and Blasius, Sts., with scenes from St. Modest’s life

    In the centerpiece are shown full-length depictions of saints Blasius and Modest facing Christ Emmanuel.
  • Modest and Blaise, Sts.

    In the bottom part of the icons are the figures of Sts. Modest and Blaise holding Gospel books. Above them is the scene of the Elevation of the Cross.